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Mason D. Harrell on “Health Workers at Risk”

(August 1 st, 2019) One of the highlights of the Occupational Health for Health Workers conference (OHHW2019) held from Oct. 22.- 24. 2019 in Hamburg will be the lecture by Mason D. Harrell:

“DANGER! Health Workers at Risk: Working with Refugees, Immigrants, Migrants, Displaced Persons, and Persons in Areas of Conflict”

Working conditions for conventional health workers in classic work environments, such as hospitals, clinics, or labs have been well defined in both the developed and developing world, but there are more particular issues for health workers providing the same services to refugees, immigrants, migrants, displaced persons, and persons in areas of conflict. Working conditions significantly differ from their training and regular practice. Combining with the plethora of unfamiliarities, hazardous working conditions tumble together when complications from supplies, water, electricity, internet connection, finances, mental fatigue, and physical exhaustion pile up.

Adaptation and resilience are the foundational attributes that ensure the safety and success of these health workers. Success is achieved by not just working with one’s own team and the patient population, but also constructively collaborating with local authorities, health workers, national and foreign military, and aid organizations. Health workers must apply and adapt their training and safety practices to their new working conditions. These demands require raw talent and learned skills. Health workers must constantly adapt to the ever-challenging and changing work environments – they must think outside the box while working outside their comfort zone.

Mason D. Harrell, Medical Director, III M.D., M.P.H., FACOEM
Harvard-trained, double board-certified physician in Occupational Medicine, Public Health and General Preventive Medicine. Medical expert work with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the World Health Organization (WHO) and other. Currently, active duty Navy Lieutenant Commander, Medical Division Officer, and Flight Surgeon supervising 75 medical professionals.

Expert in occupational injuries and illness, including chemical exposures and sensitivities, heat injuries, environmental intolerances, asbestos, dust, mold, air quality, heavy metals, radiation, toxicology, causation, fitness for duty, return to work, malingering, work stress, disability, chronic pain, primary care, and urgent care.

OHHW 2019

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) offers reduced publication fee

(July, 5, 2019) The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) will support the Occupational Health for Health Workers (OHHW2019) conference held from Oct. 22.-24. 2019 in Hamburg.
A special issue of the journal is devoted to the proceedings of the conference. For further information, please see the IJERPH Special Issue Flyer (below). A reduced publication fee is offered. Upon application, a further reduction is possible.

The OHHW is one of the world’s largest international congresses in the field of occupational health and safety for healthcare workers, where experts from all around the world gather once every two years to share their experience and knowledge. 

11th International Joint Conference on Occupational Health for Health Workers
“Global Shortage of Health Workers”
22 to 24 October 2019
Hamburg, Germany


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